Opening of the workshops

The Ateliers du Grand Large will be open to the public on june 30, 2018. Come and visit, let’s have coffee in my office! ADERA, 15 rue Sully, 69150 Décines-Charpieu, France

Six Hundred Months later

One of the works, by Damien Deroubaix (Exhibition's flyer)

From May 24 to June 16, an exhibition by Cyrille Noirjean (URDLA) and myself. One of SOTRAMEM’s works will be on display at URDLA. Opening on Thursday, May 24 at 6:30pm!
URDLA, Villeurbanne, France

One of Pauline's works, exhibition's flyer

From March 17 to May 6, I have been invited by Pauline Repussard to display one of my works in her personal exhibition “Zone d’impacts”.
L’Attrape-Couleurs, Lyon, France

Photography: Blandine Soulage Rocca

Art residence in Ateliers du Grand Large
Lyon, France


Exhibition Stationnement
Nouvelle Galerie, Bergerac, France

Participant in the 1-minute video festival Folie-Culture, Montreal, Canada


Photographie : Laëtitia Chamekh

Exhibition Just released
Ancien Musée de Peinture, Grenoble, France

Exhibition Thus it will be, with Nils Chertier
Ecole d’Architecture, Grenoble, France

Residence and exhibition Subverting the Everyday with the Expodium collective
Citta Dell Arte, Biella, Italie


Photography: Florie Sandevoir

Residence and exhibition Varison with collective les fées
Galerie Xavier Jouvin, Grenoble, France


Public happening Street dreams with Pauline Chapeland
Galerie Xavier Jouvin, Grenoble, France


Click here for my detailed PDF portfolio

Work in progress

Working shifts (les trois-huit)

The first artwork that works 247: three plugs power the neon lamp, switching with each other every 8 hours. The work, thus working continuously and in an uninterrupted fashion, can maximize the production of itself, and from there, the profitability of the artwork.

Contractual art

An out of frame practice that enables a long-term engagement with the world, with rules that repeat themselves over and over, and are to be followed whatever happens.

A dirty job (performative installation, 2018)

The Great Glass Container (performative installation, 2018)

How many steps... (multimedia installation, 2018)

Cellphone exhibition (performative installation, 2014)

Walking the line (performance, 2014)

The bureau of misunderstandings (administration, 2015-)

The society for transportation of memories (corporation, 2015-)

Dedicated website

Fail machines

Artefacts that unplan the planned obsolescence, envision the revolt of the machines, and lead their own lives, unattended.

The 3AM incident (2018)

Ending with a clack (2017)

Local warming (2017)

Couldn't work, didn't fail (2017)


Let’s find a way to cope with lack of inspiration or meaning, through performance or video, and generate unpredictable situations, toy around with algorithms. Let’s wait, also. Never know what may happen…

The post-selection era (video, 2017)

The Lunch of Syracuse (performance, 2016)

The Waiter (performance, 2015)

From A to B with a die (performance, 2012)


Mathieu Brethes went to study art&design and graduated from Grenoble’s Art School, France, in 2016, thus getting up to speed with new creative opportunities, mingling with an engineering career in computer science.

Mathieu is interested in the passage of time, the action of chance and randomness, waiting around and seeing what happens, failure, obsolescence of things and people. However his failing devices seem to be more resilient than they should be, his random performances always perform better than expected. His very daily practice mixing bricolage, performance and videos sometimes dissolves entierly in the world before reappearing as art.

He was born in Guadalupe in 1982, and now works and lives in Lyon, France.



Masters in Art in Grenoble’s School of Art&Design, with honours


Engineering degree from Bordeaux’s School of Engineering

Art residences


Hosted by Ateliers du Grand Large, Lyon, France


Workshop with the Expodium collective at Citta Dell Arte, Biella, Italy


Residence « Varison » with art collective « les fées » in Valprato, Italy



Invited to « Zone d’Impacts », exhibition of Pauline Repussard, L’Attrape-Couleurs, Lyon, France


« One-minute vidéo », Folie-Culture festival, Montreal, Canada
« No Parking », Nouvelle Galerie, Bergerac, France


« Just released », Old Museum of Painting, Grenoble, France
« Thus it will be », School of Architecture, Grenoble, France
« Subverting the everyday » (with Expodium), Citta Dell Arte, Biella, Italy
« Varison » (with les fées), Galerie Xavier Jouvin, Grenoble, France
« Street dreams », Galerie Xavier Jouvin, Grenoble, France

Artist's tech support

Are you an artist who needs help with technical aspects of a project? Whethere it is program development, electronics or electricity, domotics, real-time interaction… I may be of some help. I can help you design and build your idea by adapting to your constraints and needs. My fares are reasonable and open to negociation :).

See my technical portfolio

Core skills

  • Design, analysis, engineering
  • Android & iOS development
  • Web 2D/3D / cloud / big data development
  • Arduino/Raspberry PI projects
  • Free software usage&promotion (PureDyne/PureData, Processing, CSound, Cocos2D-X…)

Some of my works for hire

Lighting system (Arduino) for Turbofossiles

Pauline Repussard's art project

ExitMan, a real-world based game for Android

Available as a tech demo on Google Play Store

Automated watering device (Arduino) for Whatever Grows

FM emitter (Raspberry PI, Twitter) for Tweet Against Tweet