Here I am, back on the street

The Interactor wishes to play a game of Aventure! with you. This is a game where reality and fiction meet.

By buying a copy of this game, you buy one hour of Mathieu's time. He becomes your character for the duration of a story created by exchanging text messages. Each story is different and unique. Each copy of Aventure! becomes, as soon as the game is over, a work jointly written by you and Mathieu.

In Aventure!, you can explore the world around your character. Will you find a way out of the shopping mall? Can you travel to another country? Will you ever land in Panama? This is Aventure! All right!

The game only costs €39.95, post included (for France).

In order to play Aventure!, you will need a French cell phone and SIM card. We recommend you use a SIM card with a free SMS plan, as the sent SMS will be at your charge.

The only reasonably cool-looking picture on this website, the game box of Aventure! * Phone not included in the box.

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What will you do?

I will wait a little.