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So you didn't click again, and slowly moved away from the main lights of the internet and ended up in a very, very dark corner of the web.

If only you had some light, you would have been able to see, somewhere in the darkness, the latest news of the artist, his recent whereabouts, something that amounts to a resume.

if only.

Art residences

Hosted by Ateliers du Grand Large, Lyon, France

Workshop with the Expodium collective at Citta Dell Arte, Biella, Italy

Residence « Varison » with art collective « les fées » in Valprato, Italy


Exhibition "600 months later" at URDLA, Villeurbanne, France
Invited to « Zone d’Impacts », exhibition of Pauline Repussard, L’Attrape-Couleurs, Lyon, France

« One-minute vidéo », Folie-Culture festival, Montreal, Canada
« No Parking », Nouvelle Galerie, Bergerac, France

« Just released », Old Museum of Painting, Grenoble, France
« Thus it will be », School of Architecture, Grenoble, France
« Subverting the everyday » (with Expodium), Citta Dell Arte, Biella, Italy
« Varison » (with les fées), Galerie Xavier Jouvin, Grenoble, France
« Street dreams », Galerie Xavier Jouvin, Grenoble, France


Masters in Art in Grenoble’s School of Art&Design, with honours

Engineering degree from Bordeaux’s School of Engineering

What will you do?

I turn on the light. I will wait for a while.