Are you sure?

Come on, take a break in the middle of all this business. Sit down and get along with the Exhaustion Devices, celibate machineselectric sculptures built by the Waiter and specially designed to shoot small time away.

A waterproof box containing a pattern to attract drones, and leds.
The pattern of Artwork For Drone was spotted on the walls of Clos Jouve, a series of buildings around the art studio of "Operation Rhizome". Designed to attract drones when oriented in a specific, yet unknown way, this sculpture rotates the pattern into random positions until a drone shows up and validates it as a work of art.

An office neon light plugged in three different outlets at the same time
Machines also have a right to rest. in 3 Daily 8-Hour Shifts, three different timers keep the light on 24h/24, while working 1/3rd of the time each.

A room thermostat surrounded by an oven resistor of 1000W.
Local Warming is a device trying to keep itself at room temperature using an oven resistor, and not dying in the process.

a timer on a timer on a timer on a timer... and a shortcut
The Incident at the End of the Universe will shortcut the mains in an undisclosed amount of time, that you may calculate with your phone's calculator, if you take into account that each timer activates the one above it 1/48th of the time, and that there are 8 timers in total.

What will you do?

I reach for my phone. No, I have no time to lose.